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About Us

Who We Are

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

The Alphabet Directory, a subsidiary of Zonco Technologies Inc., was the brainstorm of a guy in a loft. He got thinking about how surfing on the net could actually be done a whole lot easier. Not only for the user, but for the folks doing the advertising as well!

It actually got started when he was doing some work for a company doing Internet Marketing. It occurred to him that there was a better way to set up a site for optimum results with super easy navigation. He wanted his site to be found by users without the hassle he seemed to be encountering. If he needed a better way to advertise and surf, so did others!

With years of research behind him, the answer was simple! He bought the alphabet! Or at least the domain name for the alphabet. Within a short time, he got a website designed, worked out a budget and enlisted the right kind of people to back him. That's how the Alphabet Directory was born.

We believe that the quality of listings, the cleanliness of the site, the ease of navigation and the sheer brilliance of the alphabet is a win-win situation for everyone involved. We need to be successful if our users and advertisers are to be successful. It's that simple. It's that sensible.

How We Work

The Alphabet Directory is a searchable database that provides website information. Information you need or are looking for, before you click. Our search results are in alphabetical order with Preferred Listings first. Search by categories, keywords, letters and URL's. This searchable database is human edited for assurance of quality content. Once a listing is clicked, it opens up a new browser window, never taking a user out of the site completely. And when the user clicks on a letter, an alphabetical listing of advertisers will show, based on website URL, with the exception of the Preferred Listings, which will show on top first. When one searches through the search box, terms or keywords that have been typed in will pull through results, matching those words with Preferred Listings first, then alphabetically.

We offer free website advertising, internet marketing and traffic. It's that simple. It is our goal to become the largest searchable database, with advertisers shown alphabetically. Featuring Selective Search Result Technology. An interactive visual user experience allowing search results to be displayed as simple text links, banner advertisements and logo advertisements.

We don't want to get too technical, because the main appeal of our website is simplicity. But if you must have the nitty gritty, here it is! Our one and only gimmick isn't really a gimmick at all. The fact is, it's your secret weapon. It's the alphabet of course. Why the Alphabet as our domain you ask?? Because every word in the English language is relevant to the domain name! Hence, over time we should inherently move up in the search results because of the broadness of our content appeal related to our domain name. Also, because the way search engine's algorithms rank websites as far as what order they show their results, it is based on content related to the domain name and popularity. We feel that by having the English language related to our domain that would give us the maximum exposure in searches.

What We Offer

We currently offer the following options for our advertisers.

  • Free Listing: Advertise for free! All we ask is that you provide a link to us.
  • Preferred Listings: For only $24 a year, your listing will be listed at the top of the search results. That is only $2 a month! That's 6 cents a day! Wow! What a way to increase your visibility for the pennies you find on the floor! When there is more than one in a category, the listings will rotate, giving equal exposure to all.
  • Sponsored Link of the Day: For $10, your website will be featured on the home page.
  • Banners: For $10, a banner associated with your listing will be featured on a rotating basis at the bottom of our website pages for a year!
  • Logos: For $10, you can place a logo next to your listing for a year.

Future Plans

The Alphabet Directory was born, but it is far from getting old. We have so many great plans in store for this baby! We'll roll out the ability to submit events, fairs and festivals and display those results. We're going to offer the ability to submit recipes and display those results as well. And we'll produce and implement an affiliate program. The Alphabet Directory got started because we just knew there was a better way to search on the Internet. Sensible Searching…As easy as A to Z! We've done the research. We came up with the solution. But we're always open to become even better. Suggestions on what you'd like to see on our site will be taken very seriously, just email us.

We're glad that you took the time to read About Us! We hope that you not only enjoy our site but become involved in the enhancements to your listings, but we hope that you enjoy surfing our content, too! Thanks for making the sensible choice!

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